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Cooking Games for Girls – Introducing Your Little Girl to the Magical World of Cooking

Cooking games for girls are nowadays all the craze among kids. The games are not only very entertaining, but educational as well, providing excellent tools for parents to introduce their kids to kitchen chores, to make them appreciate food, to set the kid’s imagination and creativity free and to improve their dexterity.

Cooking games are nowadays available in such wide variety that you can surely find one that provides recipes with the ingredients or dishes your kids like. There are practically myriads of these games available online and the recipes include anything from ice creams and cakes to pizza, pasta, grilled foods, making the choice difficult at first. We would like to make selection easier by providing a few aspects and considerations that can help you choose the games your kid will love the most.

Cookery Game Types

Some games focus on the situation the meal is prepared for. With some games, your kids can prepare multiple-course meals for a large family gathering, learning how to handle the tools used in home kitchens while others allow kids to impersonate chefs in five-start restaurants, they have to serve hungry customers in a pancake parlor or prepare edible gifts for friends. Children can learn a bit or two about how to decorate food as well, slicing cakes, applying icing in order to make the sweets even more attractive and using other decor elements, too.

There are games that teach kids about different national cuisines. Kids can learn about the special ingredients and procedures used in Pakistani, Chinese, Mexican or French cooking, widening your kid’s perspective over food and culture. Other games provide recipes specific of certain holidays or celebrations, teaching kids about traditional Christmas dinners, Easter meals, Halloween and Pony cakes or Thanksgiving meals.

Another aspect that can help you choose from the multitude of games available is the dish itself. There are games that teach the kids how to prepare burgers, others are for pies – you can certainly find a game that prepares your kid’s favorite food.

Many games feature popular figures from cartoons, like Dora or fashion dolls like Barbie, while others have cute protagonists like little cats or dinosaurs that need help with cooking or eating. If your little girl can help her favorite character choose ingredients for meals or to cook or if she can impersonate those characters in their virtual kitchens, she will surely enjoy preparing the meals even more.


Cookery games develop your little girl’s creativity and teach her a lot about preparing meals, serving food and decorating dishes. With the help of these games you can familiarize your kid with the world of cooking, getting her to like new things and to be adventurous.

As another advantage, most online cookery games are available for free, without requiring you to create an account or download anything. There are games available for every possible platform, so whatever device you are using, you can certainly find the best game for your daughter to play. Show your little girl how to cook online and she will surely get to like real cooking in a real kitchen as well.

Cooking Games Online – Great Fun and a Lot to Learn

The incredible speed of development internet technology has been experiencing lately has set the pace for the development of children’s games as well. A few years ago online games were limited to shooting or strategic games, but nowadays there are numerous games available for young kids as well. As most kids love mimicking activities they see their parent doing, online games designed for boys feature topics like driving cars or helicopters, while girls can play dress-up or cooking games online.

When it comes to online games that feature cooking situations, the variations seem endless. There are games that feature one of the kid’s favorite dolls as the master chef who gives the cooking instructions; other games make the player the helper for the main character. There are games that provide the ingredients and the recipe for the dish to be prepared, while others improve the creativity of the player by allowing him or her to put together a dish from scratch. Whatever the plot and the structure of the game is, cooking with the help of these cute flash animations has numerous great advantages over traditional plastic toys.

Offering Your Kids Perspective

Online cookery games can give children an entirely new perspective on food and eating in general. With these games, children can understand that food is much more than something you consume just to calm your hungry stomach. Children tend to be suspicious of food that looks new and tastes new, but with the help of these games, the parents can broaden the range of foods their kids are willing to consume. Once your kids has baked a cake online, she will become more interested you in helping you in the kitchen when you are baking her favorite cake and as mothers spend a lot of their free time in the kitchen anyway, the child’s interest in cooking makes together-time longer.

Learning about Procedures

Cooking games are also great ways to familiarize kids with cooking procedures and utensils in a safe way. Real kitchens can be dangerous for young kids, but if they rehearse the processes in a simplified way online, they will probably become more cautious with real knives and stoves.

Online games about cooking usually involve more activities than only preparing the food. Most games do not end when the food is ready: the player needs to decorate food; they need to lay the table, serve the food, and maybe even entertain their virtual guests.


If you were to buy all the toy kitchen sets that are featured in online games, you would probably spend a fortune. Free online cooking games save you from all these expenses while also providing your kids much more varied entertainment that little plastic pans and jars would.

If you are not familiar with the world of online cookery games, don’t hesitate to check out a few of these great programs. There are numerous websites that offer these games nowadays and the topics are endless, so you will probably find a game that intrigues your little child and will get her to love food and cooking.

Cooking Games for Boys – Simple Entertainment with a Lot of Added Value

Online cooking games for boys are among the most popular toys nowadays. These great games will teach your children how to cook in an entertaining, intuitive, highly informative and educational way, without making a mess in the kitchen or without involving them into dangerous situations.

More and more parents recognize how beneficial these games are for their kids and for the child-parent relationship as well – if you are a newcomer in the world of online cooking games, here is our list of the most important benefits.


Online cookery games can be played by the child alone, by more children in groups or by parents and children together. They offer a great chance to spend quality time together with your child, telling him or her about ingredients. Though getting involved in real cooking activities in your home kitchen can be dangerous, you can put the things seen in the games into practice by going to shopping together and identifying the ingredients in the grocery shop.

Educational Benefits

The best way to teach anything to young kids is through playing. Playing is one of the most intricate and most complex ways of relating to the real world and playing with cooking games is no exception. While playing with cookery games, kids learn not only what kitchen utensils look like, how to use them, what the possible food processing procedures are, but they also learn about ingredients and dishes. One of the most important advantages of online cookery games is that there are so many of them that your kid can become familiar with world cuisine within a very short time.

Raising Interest in Food

Many kids suffer from a lack of appetite. Except for the few lucky parents, most of us struggle a lot to get healthy food into the kid’s mouth – a problem that online cookery games can help with. As an experience shared by many parents who showed their child how to play cooking games, children tend to become more interested in the food they have just prepared online, opening up to the world of tastes and textures.

Developmental Benefits

Online cookery games are excellent for developing cognitive and motor skills as well. Kids need to find the right ingredients for the dishes, which develop focus and decision making; they need to process the ingredients in the right order and they need to remain patient until food is being prepared. The games also improve dexterity and other fine motor skills as most games involve the usage of virtual knives, grates, lifting meat from chopping board, pouring, mixing, blending and many other operations.

If we raised your interest, you can start exploring the world of online cookery games right away. You can start by choosing a game for yourself to play – even though the majority of free online cooking games have been designed for kids, many adults find them relaxing and entertaining after a day of hard work. Show your child a few games – you can play them together and enjoy your great virtual meals together as well.

Didi Cooking Games – Development Benefits and Great Entertainment completely Free

Didi cooking games can teach your little girl or boy everything about dishes, cooking ingredients and kitchen tools in a fun and joyful manner. The games seem to be big-time favorites not only with girls, but with boys, too, providing numerous benefits for kids of either gender. Not very long ago, online games were almost exclusively for boys.

Fortunately game developers have recognized that girls love playing on the internet, too and what could have come handier than creating games that feature the favorite doll of any girl: Didi. Most of these games are easily accessible online and the majority of the games are completely free, allowing your kid to play anytime.

The Benefits of Cookery Games Featuring Didi

One of the greatest advantages of these games lies in heir interactive features that allow kids to absorb new information in the form of entertainment. The games feature easy to follow instructions and they are easy to play, they have a great entertaining value and they can set your kid’s imagination free while also educating him or her about meals, nutrients, ingredients and flavors, cooking processes, food and table decoration and entertaining guests. Learning about how to listen to others and how to follow instructions, rehearsing how to give feedback and respond, the improvement of coordination skills and learning about healthy diets are also among the most important benefits of Didi cookery games.

Types of Cooking Games Featuring Didi

There is a game for almost any food-related situation Didi may get involved in. Players can design and decorate Didi’s favorite cake, they can prepare elaborate feasts for her friends or they can prepare a healthy and nutritious breakfast for their toy, while other scenarios include Didi helping the players prepare their own meals with helpful instructions. There are games in which kids help Didi in her own kitchen at home, while others feature Didi in her own cafe or restaurant.

How to Play

The cooking games in which girls help Didi prepare meals introduce kids to the magical world of their ultimate icon and they are really simple to play. All you need for having access to the game is a computer with connection to the internet. The majority of the games are free and accessible after short registration or even without registration. The games feature attractive and colorful flash animations and the instructions are very easy to follow. As the games are recommended from the ages of 4 or 5, the instructions are available in audio form as well so that younger kids who cannot read yet can also play.

With these Didi games, cooking becomes fun and as there are several different levels to be completed, the tasks set by the games follow a learning curve and they are very challenging.

Didi cookery games are the best tools if you want to introduce your kids to the miraculous realm of cooking. Your children can benefit immensely from the games and this varied, exciting, colorful and interactive form of entertainment will keep them safely entertained for hours on end.

Sara Cooking Games – Quality Entertainment for Parents and Kids Alike

Sara cooking games are among the most popular online games ever. Hundreds of thousands of kids and parents have access to quality entertainment with Sara, the greatest master chef of flash animations, learning about recipes and ingredients while having a great time.

What Are Sara Cooking Games?

Sara games can teach your kids how to cook different dishes. The full, collective name of the games is Sara’s Cooking Class, implying that the cute little redhead appearing on the screen after loading the game is Sara herself, a master chef who will involve you into cooking different meals. The games vary in difficulty: the light versions of the games feature really simple recipes, while the advanced cooking course introduces the player to more complicated, more sophisticated recipes.

There are so many Sara games that there is a dish for everyone’s taste. You can prepare anything from elaborate Christmas dinners to special desserts for Father’s Day, oriental food like Thai salads, traditional Thanksgiving menus, pizza, pasta, cakes, pies, grills, ice creams – just think of a meal and there will surely be a Sara game to prepare it.

How Sara Games Work

The games are accessible on various websites and most of them are free, though there are paid games as well. You don’t need to download the game on your computer or mobile device, you only need to load it and start playing. The first screen usually displays Sara herself, smiling and dressed nicely, then you can get to the list of the ingredients and the cooking instructions by clicking on buttons on the screen with your cursor.

The real game begins after reading the recipe itself. The ingredients to be processed are displayed on the screen along with the right tools to use. If the recipe requires you to slice tomatoes, the screen will provide the required amount of potatoes, a chopping board and a knife you can use with the help of your mouse. The games take players through each and every step of food preparation up to the point when the dish is ready to serve. The different operations are carried out by clicking on the ingredient to be used or clicking on the utensil you want to use and the player gets bonus points for completing the required tasks correctly and within the times allocated for each operation. At the end of the game the ready-made food is displayed along with the scores the player has been given.


The free cooking games featuring Sara as well as the paid versions are available for a large variety of platforms, from PCs to mobile devices and home video consoles. If you need a Sara game for a mobile device, you can easily download an app and start playing with your kid within minutes.

Sara games are varied, relaxing, educational and very popular. Appreciated for their great developmental and informative value, numerous parents use these games to familiarize their kids with food and cooking and many kids got to like kitchen chores after playing with Sara games. Try them and entertain your kids with the help of these quality games – you are surely in for some great recipes.