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Sara Cooking Games – Quality Entertainment for Parents and Kids Alike

Sara cooking games are among the most popular online games ever. Hundreds of thousands of kids and parents have access to quality entertainment with Sara, the greatest master chef of flash animations, learning about recipes and ingredients while having a great time.

What Are Sara Cooking Games?

Sara games can teach your kids how to cook different dishes. The full, collective name of the games is Sara’s Cooking Class, implying that the cute little redhead appearing on the screen after loading the game is Sara herself, a master chef who will involve you into cooking different meals. The games vary in difficulty: the light versions of the games feature really simple recipes, while the advanced cooking course introduces the player to more complicated, more sophisticated recipes.

There are so many Sara games that there is a dish for everyone’s taste. You can prepare anything from elaborate Christmas dinners to special desserts for Father’s Day, oriental food like Thai salads, traditional Thanksgiving menus, pizza, pasta, cakes, pies, grills, ice creams – just think of a meal and there will surely be a Sara game to prepare it.

How Sara Games Work

The games are accessible on various websites and most of them are free, though there are paid games as well. You don’t need to download the game on your computer or mobile device, you only need to load it and start playing. The first screen usually displays Sara herself, smiling and dressed nicely, then you can get to the list of the ingredients and the cooking instructions by clicking on buttons on the screen with your cursor.

The real game begins after reading the recipe itself. The ingredients to be processed are displayed on the screen along with the right tools to use. If the recipe requires you to slice tomatoes, the screen will provide the required amount of potatoes, a chopping board and a knife you can use with the help of your mouse. The games take players through each and every step of food preparation up to the point when the dish is ready to serve. The different operations are carried out by clicking on the ingredient to be used or clicking on the utensil you want to use and the player gets bonus points for completing the required tasks correctly and within the times allocated for each operation. At the end of the game the ready-made food is displayed along with the scores the player has been given.


The free cooking games featuring Sara as well as the paid versions are available for a large variety of platforms, from PCs to mobile devices and home video consoles. If you need a Sara game for a mobile device, you can easily download an app and start playing with your kid within minutes.

Sara games are varied, relaxing, educational and very popular. Appreciated for their great developmental and informative value, numerous parents use these games to familiarize their kids with food and cooking and many kids got to like kitchen chores after playing with Sara games. Try them and entertain your kids with the help of these quality games – you are surely in for some great recipes.