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Cooking Games Online – Great Fun and a Lot to Learn

The incredible speed of development internet technology has been experiencing lately has set the pace for the development of children’s games as well. A few years ago online games were limited to shooting or strategic games, but nowadays there are numerous games available for young kids as well. As most kids love mimicking activities they see their parent doing, online games designed for boys feature topics like driving cars or helicopters, while girls can play dress-up or cooking games online.

When it comes to online games that feature cooking situations, the variations seem endless. There are games that feature one of the kid’s favorite dolls as the master chef who gives the cooking instructions; other games make the player the helper for the main character. There are games that provide the ingredients and the recipe for the dish to be prepared, while others improve the creativity of the player by allowing him or her to put together a dish from scratch. Whatever the plot and the structure of the game is, cooking with the help of these cute flash animations has numerous great advantages over traditional plastic toys.

Offering Your Kids Perspective

Online cookery games can give children an entirely new perspective on food and eating in general. With these games, children can understand that food is much more than something you consume just to calm your hungry stomach. Children tend to be suspicious of food that looks new and tastes new, but with the help of these games, the parents can broaden the range of foods their kids are willing to consume. Once your kids has baked a cake online, she will become more interested you in helping you in the kitchen when you are baking her favorite cake and as mothers spend a lot of their free time in the kitchen anyway, the child’s interest in cooking makes together-time longer.

Learning about Procedures

Cooking games are also great ways to familiarize kids with cooking procedures and utensils in a safe way. Real kitchens can be dangerous for young kids, but if they rehearse the processes in a simplified way online, they will probably become more cautious with real knives and stoves.

Online games about cooking usually involve more activities than only preparing the food. Most games do not end when the food is ready: the player needs to decorate food; they need to lay the table, serve the food, and maybe even entertain their virtual guests.


If you were to buy all the toy kitchen sets that are featured in online games, you would probably spend a fortune. Free online cooking games save you from all these expenses while also providing your kids much more varied entertainment that little plastic pans and jars would.

If you are not familiar with the world of online cookery games, don’t hesitate to check out a few of these great programs. There are numerous websites that offer these games nowadays and the topics are endless, so you will probably find a game that intrigues your little child and will get her to love food and cooking.