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Cooking Games for Girls – Introducing Your Little Girl to the Magical World of Cooking

Cooking games for girls are nowadays all the craze among kids. The games are not only very entertaining, but educational as well, providing excellent tools for parents to introduce their kids to kitchen chores, to make them appreciate food, to set the kid’s imagination and creativity free and to improve their dexterity.

Cooking games are nowadays available in such wide variety that you can surely find one that provides recipes with the ingredients or dishes your kids like. There are practically myriads of these games available online and the recipes include anything from ice creams and cakes to pizza, pasta, grilled foods, making the choice difficult at first. We would like to make selection easier by providing a few aspects and considerations that can help you choose the games your kid will love the most.

Cookery Game Types

Some games focus on the situation the meal is prepared for. With some games, your kids can prepare multiple-course meals for a large family gathering, learning how to handle the tools used in home kitchens while others allow kids to impersonate chefs in five-start restaurants, they have to serve hungry customers in a pancake parlor or prepare edible gifts for friends. Children can learn a bit or two about how to decorate food as well, slicing cakes, applying icing in order to make the sweets even more attractive and using other decor elements, too.

There are games that teach kids about different national cuisines. Kids can learn about the special ingredients and procedures used in Pakistani, Chinese, Mexican or French cooking, widening your kid’s perspective over food and culture. Other games provide recipes specific of certain holidays or celebrations, teaching kids about traditional Christmas dinners, Easter meals, Halloween and Pony cakes or Thanksgiving meals.

Another aspect that can help you choose from the multitude of games available is the dish itself. There are games that teach the kids how to prepare burgers, others are for pies – you can certainly find a game that prepares your kid’s favorite food.

Many games feature popular figures from cartoons, like Dora or fashion dolls like Barbie, while others have cute protagonists like little cats or dinosaurs that need help with cooking or eating. If your little girl can help her favorite character choose ingredients for meals or to cook or if she can impersonate those characters in their virtual kitchens, she will surely enjoy preparing the meals even more.


Cookery games develop your little girl’s creativity and teach her a lot about preparing meals, serving food and decorating dishes. With the help of these games you can familiarize your kid with the world of cooking, getting her to like new things and to be adventurous.

As another advantage, most online cookery games are available for free, without requiring you to create an account or download anything. There are games available for every possible platform, so whatever device you are using, you can certainly find the best game for your daughter to play. Show your little girl how to cook online and she will surely get to like real cooking in a real kitchen as well.